Bluetooth headset ps4

This is a solution to not being able to use a last gen Bluetooth device on your PS4. This will take up one of the USB slots on the PSand. Thinking about using a Bluetooth headset with your PS4?

Bluetooth headsets for PSare a no-go. The PlayStation is an awesome games console, but it does have one or two missing features. One of them is the ability to use any Bluetooth . One option is to buy a bluetooth receiver.

BT allows chat functionality only. I had a disturbing conversation with a Sony representative this afternoon. The short of the long is this: Contrary to popular belief, Sony has no.

Solved: So, I kind of feel like there aren’t enough of us who want sony to patch their console so we can be happy beyond happy? Kjøp PSLP-BLUETOOTH HEADSET – BLACK hos Expert. Kompakt headset fra Gioteck med krystalklar lyd. I’m an early adopter and owner of many Sony systems and have never seen a next gen console (PS4) have less features then that of the . Shop for PSheadsets at Best Buy.

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Gioteck LP-Chat Headset til PSlar deg chatte trådløst mens du spiller, med krystallklar lyd og pent design. Kan brukes på både venstre og høyre øre. Find bluetooth headset for psat Target.

Gioteck LP-PSBluetooth headset – Bruk dette lette og moderne Gioteck LP-Bluetooth headsettet for å chatte med medspillerne dine. Allows your PS4(PlayStation 4)to wireless communicate with Bluetooth-enabled devices, like a headset, speaker, keyboard and more from up to 33FT away . Haben Sie ein Bluetooth-Headset und eine PS müssen Sie die beiden Geräte nur noch miteinander verbinden.