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Which Devialet amplifier do you own? Go to first unread post Gold Phantom . Devialet Chat – Unofficial Owners Forum24.

Flere resultater fra devialetchat. BufretOversett denne sidenDevialet Chat – Unofficial Owners Forum. Phantom høytalerne er vel neppe så aktuelt for oss som har en Devialet allerede? Unofficial Devialet Chat Forum men som ofte før .

Has anyone heard the Devialet Gold Phantom speaker? I don’t know a whole lot about it,. Speakers, Accessories (DBT-Free Forum) › Devialet Gold Phantom speaker . Has anyone heard these at the shows?

Has anyone here considered the Devialet Phantom speakers as a replacement for a full system or a starting (and ending) point for a new . Any opinions or experience with the Devialet Phantom Speakers? So now had of them flanking my lounge TV. If you think the Phantom Silver is incredible (it is), the Gold is . Devialet Phantom in the houseinnlegg13.

Devialet’s new speaker – The Phantom – Page 8innlegg20. Ljud › HögtalareBufretOversett denne siden11. Sida av – Devialet Phantom – postad i Högtalare: De liknar något rakt ur Oblivion eller Portal-spelen och på insidan verkar det närmast röra . Devialet have good backing and are looking to make a huge impression on the market Suspect we need to put our preconceptions.