Macbook docking station

BufretOversett denne sidenVertical MacBook with Retina Display 15in 13in, docking station, metal, plastic, integrated cables, thunderbolt compatible, multiple screens monitors, Apple. Vertical Docking Station for the MacBook Air.

Once docke your notebook blends perfectly with the Vertical Dock, creating a more refined desktop experience. Docks that use Thunderbolt let you plug in all your devices to the dock and a single Thunderbolt cable to your MacBook laptop. A full array of products to match all your MacBook needs.

The first and only MacBook docking station with a built-in security feature works to protect your . This is how the locking system works. The solid stainless steel frame inside a LandingZone docking station captures the MacBook computer when you dock. Med Henge Docks dockingstasjon for MacBook Pro Retina kan du kombinere portabiliteten til en bærbar maskin med fordelene ved en .