Nvidia shield 2

So it looks like the new Gen is being released soon. The current model has been out of stock for months now and i expect the new one to be . Nvidia Kills Shield Tablet 2innlegg11.

Shield portable Coming, Codename : LOKI. NVIDIA SHIELD specs surface in benchmark reportinnlegg22. At its press conference at CES 201 Nvidia announced a new Shield console running Android and capable of 4K HDR streaming.

Nvidia Shield is getting two new ways to watch 4K movies and TV shows.

Features(2) announced for the new. The second-gen Shield console is brimming with handy tweaks, updates, and new features that weren’t mentioned during Nvidia’s CES 2017 . Even with hardware that was current 2-years ago, the original NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV remains able to keep up with my needs. Despite evidence suggesting a follow-up was on the way, NVIDIA has completely canceled the SHIELD Tablet. In mid-201 NVIDIA submitted what appears to be a possible SHIELD Portable device to the FCC for regulatory certification and all that jazz.

Nvidia’s Shield set-top streaming device got an update at this year’s CES, and it was a big one: The new hardware is percent smaller than . NVIDIA seems to be preparing to launch a 2nd-gen NVIDIA Shield TV game. If I had to guess, I’d say the Shield will probably use the same .