Riser card

A riser card is a printed circuit board that picks up a multitude of signal lines (often bused) via a single connector (usually an edge connector) on a mainboard . Chieftec PCI Riser Card Riser card – Support UNC-210S-B, 3x PCI slots, Size 2U. Computer dictionary definition for what riser board or riser card means including related links, information, and terms.

Product Description PCI-E express 1X to 16X riser card extender cable layer PCB board design. High Quality Flex Ribbon Riser Card. A riser card is an expansion card that is used to extend a slot for a chip or card in a fully loaded computer to make room to plug it in.

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A basic guide to riser card functionality and use; for first time user new to bus extenders. Definition of: riser card (1) A printed circuit board for low-profile motherboards. The peripheral controller cards plug into the riser card and sit parallel with the . This Delock riser card allows you to mount your PCI Express xcard to the PCI Express slot of your motherboard in an 90° angle.

This PCI-Card-2U is a riser card to enable more. Riser Car PCIE, Optional Accessories, Single Board Computer – PCIER-K101L-R- IEI Integration Corp. PCI riser card by cable for KINO-9652-R1 KINO-9453-R21.

CHIEFTEC Riser Card 2U Support 1x PCI-E xslot xPCI-X 1slot (RC2-E16X2R-4) – Type: Riser Kort. Modell, Riser Card PCI Express xwith Flexible Cable.

Du kan kjøpe delock riser card pci express xwith flexible cable hos Dustin .