Solina string ensemble

The Solina String Ensemble is often thought of as the String Machine of the late 1970’s disco era. It’s a multi-orchestral machine with Violin, Viola, Trumpet, Horn, . The ARP String Ensemble, also known as the Solina String Ensemble, is a fully polyphonic multi-orchestral synthesizer with a 49-key keyboar produced by .

An in-depth look into a strange little box of ’70s synthy goodness! Here is a short sound demo of the ARP Solina String Ensemble. No fancy songs, just showing the sounds from.

We’re keeping the love alive with Solina V, our physical model of the classic. Strings through the Explorer low-pass filter 3. Explorer voice combined with the lower Solina keyboard (contrabass and cello) 4. Many feel that ARP perfected the string synthesizer with its Solina, which sounds just as sexy as it looks. Sunday Synth JaThe original composition In Phase, by MrFirechil explores classic 70’s synth soundscapes, and features the Eminent . Alina String Ensemble review – Insideout provide a virtual recreation of the classic Solina String Ensemble hardware.

This is an emulation of the ARP Solina String Ensemble. The controls are reasonably basic, there is a Bass section which can select a pair of waveforms and a . Clavier synthétiseur analogique ARP Solina String Ensemble: 1photos, discussions dans les forums, avis, annonces et vidéos.

This has become an obsession for the last two months and since I could not take it out of my mind I had to do it: to create an . I compared the VP-3with the Solina String Ensemble. First is Roland VP-33 second is Arp Solina String. In the first example I didn’t use . Solina String Ensemble sample library for Kontakt and Ableton Live.